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     After School  4 & 12-Year-Olds             

        We pick up from school    

North Desoto, Keithville, Walnut Hill & Summer Field


Holiday & Summer Hours-7 AM-6 PM Mon.-Fri.

$50.00 Registration Fee
$70.00 Weekly (After School Pick Up)
 When school is out for their holidays or teacher day
$70.00 will be charged on Monday & a 
 $10.00 surcharge daily upon attendance Tue-Fri
$120.00 Summer Weekly Fees

If your child is already enrolled in the afterschool program you will be charged $70.00 (your regular tuition) and an additional $10.00 per diem fee for every full day they attend.
If your child attends all week it will total $120.00 for the full week.
$25.00 daily drop-in fee.  If your child is not "enrolled" (Meaning they do not  attend on a regular weekly basis)
Your spot is NOT guaranteed you will have to call daily to see if a spot is available for your child. 


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